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- by Changhai Lu -

1. Introduction

EasyAddress is a software I wrote to provide myself (and hopefully other people) a convenient way to keep contact information. There are already a large collection of address book softwares out there, the reasons I added yet another one to the family are the following:

  1. Most existing address book softwares are over-complicated for me. The only thing I want is a simple and intuitive way to store/retrieve/search my contact information. I have no need for structures such as "Group", "Folder", "List", etc, and have no interest learning unnecessary features.
  2. There is no well-accepted data format for address book softwares. Using an address book software often means exclusive dependency on that software because other softwares may not be able to handle the data format. Such a dependency is unnatural and unacceptable in my opinion.

With these two issues in mind, EasyAddress is designed to be an easy-to-use, unicode-based application. All the major functionalities are made as intuitive as possible. A simple but complete and convenient search utility covers every piece of information entered by user (names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, notes, etc).

Raw data of EasyAddress are stored in XML format, which makes it easy for other applications to handle. To loose user's dependency on the program even further, it comes with an export utility that outputs address books into HTML files viewable by any web browsers on any OS.

As any other programs in the world, EasyAddress is not intended for everyone. If you have a huge contact list and are looking for a hierarchical organization for the data, EasyAddress is not for you.

No installation is needed for EasyAddress, simply download easyaddress.zip (1.6 MB), unzip it and double-click easyaddress.exe to launch the program. EasyAddress runs on all versions of Windows.

The current version of EasyAddress is 1.01, if you already have a previous version, you can download an upgrade file (38 kB). To upgrad, unzip it to your easyaddress folder, let the new files overwrite the old ones (you existing data will not be affected).

2. Screenshot

The Main Screen

The Main Screen

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